Mutabaruka-“Black People Pray Too Much”

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Black People Pray Too Much, that’s the opinion of Mutabaruka, Jamaican Rastafari dub poet. He explained that European political and religious ideologies cannot help in the liberation of African people.

Mutabaruka believes that African people will have to liberate themselves from European oppression.

To date, Christianity has been a significant force in black history. Millions of Africans were brought to the New World to be enslaved and forced into lives as laborers. Some of these people and their descendants became Christians and found comfort in the Biblical message of spiritual equality and deliverance.

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The Origins of Prayer in Religion

In the early 1800s, when various explanations were being put forward for the origins of religion, one theory was that prayer grew out of magical practices which had their origins in the practices of primitive peoples and thus evolved into a higher stage.

Caribbean Religion and Black People
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A prayer is a form of religious worship that relies on the power of spirit and intention. A prayer may be performed individually, or it may be said as part of a community service. In either case, it begins with an invocation of the name of God. It usually ends with the phrase “in the name of God, amen.

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African Spiritualism and the Role of Prayer

Because of this, Africans make use of intermediaries in the form of ancestors during worship. Therefore, worship, which is described as prayers, sacrifices and offerings, and singing in dancing, is focussed on pleasing or making contact with the intermediaries or ancestors, or the invisible or spiritual world.

It is important to note that not all cultures have a concept of a sky god or a creator God. Many people in Africa do not believe in the existence of such a being, even though some do give offerings to them.

Black People and Religion

Black people are more heavily invested in religion than their White counterparts.This perspective emphasizes the historical experiences of Blacks in the United States and how Black religious traditions and institutions have helped Black people.

Black churches have been historically involved in social justice efforts, from the civil rights movement to contemporary issues such as homelessness and hunger.

The Black population is not monolithic.

The Black Caribbean population is one of the fastest growing and most diverse populations in the United States. It is striking that within this group, there are large numbers of individuals who have features of both African and Caribbean heritage.

Much of the religious involvement of older African Americans and Caribbean Blacks is tied to their common cultural heritage as people from the African diaspora. This is because many in this population have either been educated in the United States or have migrated here over a period of time.

In a comprehensive report released Tuesday by the Pew Research Center, which surveyed 8,660 Black adults across the United States, these were some of the key finding;

  • 66% of Black Americans are Protestant, 6% are Catholic and 3% identify with other Christian faiths — mostly Jehovah’s Witnesses. Another 3% belong to Islam or other non-Christian faiths,
  • Black Americans attend church more regularly than Americans overall, and pray more often.
  • Most attend churches that are predominantly Black, yet many would like those congregations to become racially diverse.
  • Among Black adults who go to religious services, 60% attend churches where the senior clergy and most or all of the congregation are Black
Pew Research
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Black people arrived in America as Christians, but many were also followers of indigenous traditional faiths and several percent were Muslims. Slaves were forced to convert to Christianity because Christianity was the religion of the slave master and white supremacy.

Black churches have always stood up for social justice and equality. They were the first to mobilize against slavery and participate in the civil rights movement.

Black people and their connections to prosperity gospel

The prosperity gospel is a Christian movement that encourages the belief that God wants to reward his believers with wealth. Critics have derided the movement as “a theology and movement based on the belief that God wants to reward believers with health and wealth.

The prosperity gospel has stirred a great deal of controversy and debate in recent years, and there are many conflicting views on the subject.

List of Caribbean Religions

West Indians of African descent are primarily affiliated with historic Christian denominations, or with newer sects such as the Rastafarian movement.

In many parts of the Caribbean, many people are religious practitioners of a hybrid religion.

  • Haitian vodou
  • Cuban Santería
  • Trinidadian Shango
  • Kumina
  • Convince
  • Kromanti
  • Kele
  • Revivalist
  • Revival Zion

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