Which Caribbean Celebrity Would You Have Dinner With And Why?

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Let say it is just a standard Saturday night at your place, and you are planning to have your favourite Caribbean celebrities around for a meal, a drink, and a catch up.

Spending a few hours, seated at a table, eating good food and laughing with a cross-section of diverse and interesting people sounds like an excellent way to spend an evening. But if you were put on the spot and had to choose one Caribbean celebrity you would most like to dine with, who would you choose?

Which Caribbean Celebrity Would You Have Dinner With And Why? 2

This is a popular question that is asked online. We keep seeing this question on various platforms, but this was never narrowed down to Caribbean celebrities. It is an exceedingly difficult question especially if you must select from a list. One would have to choose wisely. Where to start?

We here at DailyCaribbean wanted to take a stab at it, and with that in mind we have brought together five celebrities we think would make for excellent dinner guests. They are alive and quite different in terms if their personality.

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