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Saint Lucia Health Official Shares Grave News About COVID-19

COVID-19: Unvaccinated Persons Account For '96.6% Of Hospitalisations' In Saint Lucia

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Saint Lucia Times-Saint Lucia health official, assistant Principal Nursing Officer and National Immunization Manager, Tecla Jn Baptiste disclosed Tuesday that from February 2021, when COVID-19 vaccines were introduced, until current, statistics show that unvaccinated persons account for 96.6% of hospitalisations.

COVID-19: Unvaccinated Persons Account For ‘96.6% Of Hospitalisations’ in Saint Lucia. Doctor says more needed In Saint Lucia to prevent the spread of the virus.

Saint Lucia Health Official
PAHO Saint Lucia receives the first COVID-19 vaccines through the COVAX Facility – PAHO/WHO | Pan American Health Organization

In a statement, Jn Baptiste also disclosed the following:

  • Partially vaccinated persons account for 2% of hospitalisations
  • Partially vaccinated persons account for 2% of hospitalisations
  • Fully vaccinated persons account for 1.4% of hospitalisations
  • Unvaccinated persons account for 96.7% of deaths
  • Partially vaccinated persons account for 2% of deaths
  • Vaccinated persons account for 1.3% of deaths

Saint Lucia Health Official says vaccine saves lives

“It doesn’t get any simpler – vaccines save lives. It reduces the risk of hospitalisation and death. Being unvaccinated is a risk, not only for you but also for those around you,” she asserted.

“Of note is the significant number of persons who are partially vaccinated with only one dose of the vaccine. One thousand, eight hundred and forty-three (1,843) persons, 4.2% of total vaccinated in-country, are overdue for their second dose of the vaccine. Again, I reiterate the importance of being fully vaccinated – this is the best way to ensure protection,” the senior Saint Lucia health official disclosed.

Jn Baptiste said that The highest uptake of vaccines remains amongst the fifty (50) years and older age group, followed by those 24-49 years.

According to her, over the past weeks, the significant rise in reported cases and deaths is clearly a concern to all and the burden on the health system is evident.

“It is important that every one of us plays our part in addressing this situation. Each one of us has a personal responsibility in the fight against this pandemic,” Jn baptiste observed.

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Saint Lucia has one of the lowest vaccination rate in the Caribbean

Saint Lucia is on the lower end of 26 Caribbean Countries, with a COVID-19 vaccination rate of 34.3 doses per 100 persons. CARPHA reported the number on September 2nd after examining the latest figures.

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