Clarks Shoes Love Affair With Jamaica

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Clarks Jamaica Original

The story behind the Clarks Shoes and Jamaica goes back to the 1960’s and many episodes smells like a love affair

There’s more to Clarks shoe than meets the eye. Its signature stitchdown profile, in fact, traces a veritable timeline of modern cool. It began in South Africa and eventually found its home in the streets of downtown Kingston Jamaica.

Clarks Shoe

But the Clarks shoe and a certain gunslinger lifestyle became so synonymous, in fact, that by the late ’60s it was decided to align the famous shoes with a certain Jamaican police officer — who would eventually become better known by his middle name.

Wallabee and Desert Trek were introduced in 1967 and 1971, and Clarks shoes went flying off the shelves — straight onto the album covers of reggae’s most influential singers and DJs. The shoes also became instant hits with Rastas and “Gangstas”

Music continues to have a strong connection between Clarks Shoes and Jamaica. We continue to explore the connection between music and the Caribbean.

Influence of the Rude Boy Subculture

The rude boy was one of first subculture to be born out of the Jamaican independence movement in the 1960s. Rude Boy culture influenced many aspects of Kingston, Jamaica, from music to fashion, from streets to clothing. In the late 1960s and early 1970 it became an important part of the fabric of the Jamaican culture.

Rude Boys wore “sharp three-button tonic suits” or pork-pie hats, in imitation of the Jamaican upper classes. The gangster image and sunglasses gave them a facade of cool, new and undeniably modern. They were breaking social conventions and challenging the upper classes. Soon the Clarks shoe added to complete the full outfit from head to toe.

rudeboyclarks shoe
Rude Boys Dress in Clarks Shoe

Clarks Gift to Jamaican School Kids

Last year, the shoe brand gifted copies of its Wallabees line to students attending Sterling’s alma mater. Parents and students were very excited.

In an interview with the Jamaican Star, Stephanie Spence, a parent who has two children attending the school, said,

“Right now that is the best gift my children could get because I am not working at the moment. So to hear that they would be getting free shoes will save me money to contribute to the booklist and buy them some food or sumpn,” said Spence. “Clarks is good shoes too so it will serve them for a while. So whole heap a thanks to Raheem, me really appreciate it.”

Introduction of Clarks Shoe-2021 Edition

Clarks Originals is paying homage to these stories with a new collection of shoes. Each shoe in the collection, inspired by the Jamaican flag, will be dressed in shades of yellow, green and black as a nod to the colors of the Jamaican flag.

Every pair of Clarks Originals shoes is available in a variety of colours, and features subtle Jamaican-inspired graphics across each silhouette.

With premium suede upper and clean lined design, our iconic boot is a timeless staple of style. Comfortable, durable and versatile, it can be worn perfectly with jeans, skirts and dresses. With signature crepe sole and clean lines, this shoe is the perfect casual piece for any occasion.

What is the difference between Clarks and Clarks Originals?

There are two different collections within Clarks Originals. Whilst the first collection was born from the creative genius of a young man in Somerset, the second offering came from Burma, where Nathan Clark was serving with the British Army.

The Wallabee features clean and simple lines, with a lace-up style made from premium black suede. The key identifying feature is the signature crepe sole.

The Clarks Originals line comes in various earth tone colours with contrast stitching and the signature crepe sole that makes this shoe stands out.

Where are Clark shoes manufactured?

The vast majority of Clarks shoes are produced in Asia. The rest are produced in Europe and Central America. In most of these factories, production for other brands can be found on the same floor.

Is Clarks A Luxury Brand?

Based on price of its shoes, Clarks is not considered to be a luxury brand. The pioneering shoemaker, has been making shoes since 1825. What makes this brand unique is its classic look and exceptional comfort. It is also more comfortable than some shoes costing 2 to 3 times as much.

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