Guyana born Christine Latchana Leads By Example

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Guyana born Latchana

For Guyana born Christine Latchana, the road to success was never paved in gold. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

CEO of All Purpose Electric Corp, was born and raised in Guyana, but moved to the US as a young child. Despite her difficult childhood, she has thrived as CEO of All Purpose Electric Corp. She has proven that obstacles can be overcome when you believe in yourself and have the will to succeed.

She left Guyana to pursue her dreams

Latchana is a proud mother of two and has been the face of the company for fifteen years. She was lucky to leave her former life behind in Guyana and move to the U.S. to pursue her dreams.

“I was always an all around pleasant personality and jack of all trades,” said Latchana who had an undaunted spirit.

Coronavirus provided an opportunity

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, Latchana took charge. With her leadership, the company took on jobs in large housing construction, gyms, restaurants and supermarkets, across the five boroughs.

Everyone was a vital part of the transition to launching the new business, which is why she paid everyone out of her own pocket for the first three weeks.

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Guyana born Christine Latchana Leads By Example 2

She felt the need to give back

Latchana’s husband understood her strong desire to pursue her dreams. Though he admired her for her active spirit, he was concerned that she would sacrifice herself for his success. With determination and a strong sense of self, this woman became an activist and philanthropist.

In 2014, she started a non-profit, assisting underprivileged children, women, families and elderly people in Guyana.

In one of her fund raising initiatives, Latchana stated,

Our mission is to sprinkle playgrounds around the world especially where there are underprivileged children. Studies show physical activity is imperative for healthy growth, development and learning. It encourages positive thinking, creativity and imagination.

Be part of framing the next generation. Lets get those kids to put their devices down, shut off the TV, put the computer on stand-by. Get them back outside playing and putting innocence back into their lives.  Any contribution is appreciated. 

Overcoming tragedy

In 2016, she took on the lead role as CEO of my company. In 2017, tragedy struck, husband had an unfortunate accident at home. He was hospitalized and the family feared that he would never recover.

“After many surgeries and a two-year span, he finally recovered. Then COVID-19 hit us with yet another roadblock. So many times I wanted to throw in the towel and succumb to the struggles of life, but I remembered that my children were my purpose and I wanted to leave a legacy for them, said the humanitarian, who continue to give back to families in her homeland. [Interview with Caribbean Life News]

Building a family legacy

The family-owned company that also builds low-income housing in NYC, is proud of its status as a small business with many accomplishments. The mother of two daughters, the eldest of whom is 21, has taken on the lead role in the company, following in her mother’s footsteps.

She further stated in her interview with Caribbean Life News

“I can truly say that as women, we are well respected by the men in our field because we had to push through and be tough and knowledgeable.

“I want to encourage all women, to use my story- where I had to not only be jack of all trades but master of all trades, a mother, wife, caretaker, and boss, and still make it home in time to prepare dinner.

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